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In December 2012 I published a book that was the result of my two year research in and around Suriname. The result is called ‘Too little, too late’ – Short studies on border practices of Suriname. It’s available as a real book (designed by Luke Gould) or as a PDF versionSend me an email of you wish to have a copy.

Suriname is an active state. In another sense,so is the capacity for imagination. Within a marginalised state there is more than the mere acceptance of ‘always being too late’ or ‘always have done too little’—two models of time that have often been applied to Suriname. In order to evaluate these two concepts of time it is not enough to simply offer an alternative, even one that puts the marginalised back in its rightful, central, position. In order to understand the marginalised in terms of politics, social order and the world at large we must organise and consider its parallels. These parallels synchronise themselves with reality by becoming ‘border practices’. Against the historical backdrop of a former Dutch colony, oscillating somewhere between the North Sea and South America, three case studies provide a scrutiny of the operations of imaginative practices as political devices, whilst at the same time offering an attempt to depart from what we know of Suriname and the other geographies involved. This departure
correlates with our sense of ‘being too late’ and ‘doing too little’ by providing a departure from existing material in an act
of ‘letting go’.

As it tries to reconceptualise the faculty of imagination as an active and pragmatic tool—a political device, perhaps, in the development of processes of edification, epistemology and ontology surround the networks of practices confronted in this
work—it looks at the significance of imagination in and for itself. What is at stake is the question of how to withdraw from time and geography in order to see how we might approximate, renew, and make a time more suitable to our own.

This publication was supported by Mondriaan Fund.

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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