Announcement CPPC Travel Award for Central America and the Caribbean


I am really happy to announce that my proposal In the Land of the Timid was selected to receive the 2013 CPPC Travel Award for Central America and the Caribbean. It is truly an amazing opportunity and I will conduct interviews and do site visits to four countries; Guatemala, Jamaica, Nicaragua and Suriname. Through this website I will put updates on the research travel online and somewhere around the end of 2013 I publish a more comprehensive result of the research. At this point I don’t know what that will be, look or feel like.

Below is an outline of the proposal:

In the Land of the Timid is a series of research travels to Guatemala, Jamaica, Nicaragua and Suriname attempting to sketch an incomplete map and library of female activist practices from Central, South America and the Caribbean by focusing on complex influences they had within social active reality and the capability to go beyond by copying their ambition to artistic practices. Oscillating somewhere between known and unknown histories, these voices and practices dispute an existing art historical and social canon and can become capable of functioning outside their activist merits were they have been leaving collective traces such as building up art academies, libraries, schools and political parties from 1950 until today.

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Publication ‘Too little, too late’

book1 book2 book3

In December 2012 I published a book that was the result of my two year research in and around Suriname. The result is called ‘Too little, too late’ – Short studies on border practices of Suriname. It’s available as a real book (designed by Luke Gould) or as a PDF versionSend me an email of you wish to have a copy.

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